Online Elementary School

A combination of real-time classrooms and flexible, personalized lessons

Engaging and Expertly Taught Virtual Elementary School

In every GCVS virtual elementary school class and in every subject, students and teachers dig deep into the material with a rigor that meets and exceeds state standards. These classes are taught by state-certified instructors who are not only experts in their fields, but also passionate about what they teach.

The GCVS online elementary school curriculum provides a high quality at-home education, offering unique opportunities in subject areas that traditional schools sometimes struggle to provide. We take advantage of the in-house expertise of our teachers as well as some of the best curriculum providers available.

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An Online, Classroom-Based Elementary School

As an online school, much of the lessons and schoolwork in GCVS’s elementary school take place on your student’s own schedule. Skills are practiced for as long as students need to at their own pace, and video, reading, and homework is done when and where it works best for your student. But students in this program also benefit from real-time, scheduled classrooms where they can learn from and interact with GCVS’s expert teachers and classmates.

This best-of-both-worlds model combines real-time interaction with the flexibility expected from an online education. The online classes – held five times a week – afford the opportunity for teachers to assess real-time progress and adjust lessons and learning according to the strengths and needs of each student. As a result, the out-of-class time can be tailored to each student, making it more productive and more valuable.


Math in our online elementary school provides in-depth focus that integrates classroom reasoning with practice of skills, all with a goal of mastery. We follow Massachusetts state standards, and we use the engageNY curriculum to engage and educate our students. Our teachers help students put their skills to use and connect them to the content they are learning.

Visit here for more information about the engageNY curriculum.

Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

Starting with language arts, online elementary students learn skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In learning these skills, GCVS’s curriculum builds on students’ knowledge and vocabulary in literature, history, geography, and science. This is an integrated curriculum, ensuring seamless transitions and constant reinforcements of related skills and knowledge across subject areas.


Physical Education and Health

GCVS’s elementary school physical education classes introduce students to basic locomotor and non‐locomotor skills and concepts. Following national and state standards, we present spatial awareness introduce students to basic physical changes that occur as a result of physical activity. In addition, students learn to follow directions and interact positively with classmates, regardless of personal differences, in a physical setting.


In the virtual music class, we explore and create music in many different ways. Students are guided in singing, dancing, building instruments, reading and writing music. Students also play games and learn about music history.


When elementary school students study art online at GCVS, they learn more than how to create art. Virtual elementary school students learn to talk about and look at art, while expressing themselves and explaining their creations. Elementary school art classes boost students’ creativity and confidence and helps them learn about themselves, their classmates, and the world around them in a fun and hands-on way!


A Typical Day in GCVS’s Classroom-Based Elementary School

One of the biggest benefits of GCVS’s classroom-based online elementary school is the flexibility it offers young students and families.

In combining clear expectations with flexibility, GCVS offers regular live sessions, check-ins, and family support offers a balance. Live sessions provide direct student-teacher and peer-to-peer interaction and support on a regular basis. Most families find this structure helps keep them on-track and motivated, along with the support they need.

“It really is about the kids. They really enjoy their education and you really get to see them grow. Honestly, I kind of feel like it’s going to be the school of the future.”

-Josh Rivera,
GCVS Elementary School parent