What do we say to students who want a distinctive scholastic curriculum, delivered the way that suits them best? Welcome to GCVS, a Massachusetts public school of choice.

At GCVS, we understand that both students and parents desire a high-quality academic experience, similar to the programs at all the best schools in the State. We also understand that students want similar opportunities to their peers attending brick-and-mortar schools – the opportunity to attend classes, make friends, play sports, and to go on class trips. GCVS has all of that, so your son or daughter can feel just the same as every neighborhood kid when it comes to school.

We also know that individual circumstances and learning styles demand a new way to deliver education – a different approach. That’s where MAVA comes in.

The GCVS Approach to Education

As a Massachusetts public school of choice, GCVS meets all of the State and Federal requirements, just like every public school in the Commonwealth. In many respects, we are the same as other excellent schools throughout Massachusetts, yet very different in our approach to education and to the technology-mediated learning platform with which we deliver academics.

We have structure to our day and to our live classes – students attend, interact, and learn alonside their peers. While all of our students come to GCVS remotely from every corner of the state, we go out of our way to make sure everyone feels like they are part of the learning process.

The Learning Coach

The“Learning Coach” is a parent (or other responsible adult) who works in conjunction with the online classroom teachers to help facilitate their student’s progress through daily lessons, and works to modify the pace and schedule as necessary. No specialized knowledge is necessary, just a desire to help students learn. As a Learning Coach, you can expect to be highly engaged with your child’s program – often establishing a new relationship as co-learners, explorers, and intellectual partners. It is a rewarding role, and may bring a new closeness to your family, built on bonds of shared curiosity and a mutual passion for learning.

Elementary and Middle School

The elementary and middle School programs consist of the four core academic courses of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and History, and students may also take art or music as a full-year class. In order to meet the State’s physical education requirement, we work with students and their parents on a plan for some exercise or fitness activities. Lessons are supplemented with traditional materials, including award-winning textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on collateral that complement online learning and allow the widest variety of students to master lesson objectives.

High School

Our High School program (grades 9-12) provides a core curriculum of challenging college preparatory courses, Advanced Placement courses and a generous complement of electives in all departments. We are committed to offering each student a virtual school instruction that is both engaging and challenging, which we accomplish by following the Massachusetts High School Program of Studies, or MassCore. MassCore is intended to fully prepare high school graduates for college or a career. MassCore recommends a comprehensive set of subject area courses and units as well as other learning opportunities to complete before graduating from high school.

Similar to our Elementary/Middle School program, students are required to have a plan for exercise, fitness, or sport activities to meet the physical education requirement. All students must have a graduation course plan, outlined at the beginning of their studies, which is discussed with a guidance counselor/advisor and can be modified throughout the student’s time with our program. A vision without a plan is just a dream. Our graduation course plans ensure that you attain your dreams.