Parent-Supported School at Home

Parent-supported learning alternative to home school

It’s extremely important that you make the right education decisions for your family. And sometimes, that best choice is to educate students at home. There are many advantages to doing this, but home school curricula can be costly, and there are times when having an expert teacher can be helpful.

If you choose to educate your students in the home, they can still benefit from the high quality education available in public schools, taught to students in the setting you prefer. GCVS’s school-at-home programs – both asynchronous and structured – deliver a high quality curriculum taught by expert teachers.

Having experience as a teacher can help find new and better ways for students to learn and succeed, and having a deep knowledge of specific subjects gives students an opportunity to ask more and more questions, encouraging the learning process. The option of school-at-home can benefit from an online partner in education that can bring these advantages into the environment where you have seen your student succeed best.

Cost Comparison

Homeschooling can incur significant costs that are initially hidden. Curricula, exams, and supplies can often cost thousands of dollars. Technology can increase that expense further. If students need extra help, a tutor can add to that financial outlay. And, as your student progresses, the cost recurs year after year.

With GCVS’s at-home online public school, those costs go away. GCVS’s costs are below:


  • Curriculum cost = $0
  • Books and classroom resources = $0
  • Teachers available for extra help = $0
  • Chromebook = $0

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