Personalized Education Program

A flexible education for grades 6-12 that aligns to state standards
Starting in Fall 2019

Flexible and Individualized Online Education for Students

At GCVS, our personalized, online learning can be tailored to your and your student’s schedules. In the flexible asynchronous online classes for grades 6-12, your student will be provided with learning materials, assignments, and exams, but they can then access and satisfy educational requirements within a flexible timeframe. There are still assignment and exam due dates, but even these can be tailored to the needs of your student.

Teachers work closely with students and Learning Coaches to plan lessons and teach via feedback technology. Teachers adjust lessons as needed so that students can amplify their strengths and work on areas that challenge them, leading to greater success and greater confidence.

What kinds of students benefit from an online, flexible and personalized school?

Every 6-12 student in the asynchronous learning program in the GCVS district chooses the program for different reasons. Some find more success in school when they have more control over their schedule. Others achieve more if they are given more time to complete assignments. Still, other students have interests outside of school – artistic, athletic, or even career goals – and a flexible online school allows them to pursue those dreams. Some of our asynchronous students are simply interested in a different way of doing things.

They all have one thing in common, though. A traditional, structured school did not allow them to achieve the same levels of success that a flexible and personalized online education does.


How does asynchronous education work?

The principle behind asynchronous education is using online educational technology and resources to let students complete work when and where it makes the most sense for them. Students at GCVS work with teachers and parents to come up with a personalized plan and agreement for the school year.

While an online, flexible 6-12 education relies a great deal on self-guided lessons, it adheres to Massachusetts state standards for education, and the resources students use to achieve success reflect that. Some of those resources include:

  • Self-guided lesson modules
  • Streaming video content
  • Textbooks
  • Virtual libraries
  • Teacher and classroom notes
  • Discussion boards

Online Curriculum Customized to Every Student

In this kind of online education, where students, teachers, and parents have more flexibility, curriculum and online learning programs can be customized to each student’s needs. Students can slow down and take their time in areas where they need to, and accelerate their learning of subjects that play to their strengths. A standards-based education is still critical to overall success, but in the asynchronous program, teachers, parents, and students work together to help students earn the knowledge and skills they need.


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