Looking forward to seeing everyone at our End-of-the-Year Picnic!

Friday, June 15th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, is the date and time for our all school End-of-the-Year Picnic! We will be hosting this event at Dean Park, Dean Park, South Grove, 805 Main St., Shrewsbury, MA. We can’t wait to see everyone there to celebrate our 2017-18 school year!

There are lots of activities planned: parachute games, tag games, bubble making, and an art station. We have 80 pieces of student art work that will be on display as a celebration of the art lessons with Ms. Porter. Ms. Bruss will be leading us in some singing. Our marketing team will be there to take pictures of the event and they would love to record some testimonials from willing families for the new web site we are building for the school.

Lunch is a bring-your-own affair. We ask that you please avoid any products with nuts, as we do have students with nut allergies. Drinks will be available.

There will be an information booth available with information about the upcoming school year, including copies of the school calendar (one per family, please). There will be a couple of computer kiosks available for you to start the re-registration process for next year if you have not already done so.

If you are not able to attend, we will livestream the opening celebration on Zoom. Here’s the link: https://zoom.us/j/5266032577

Please also know that the Board of Trustees has passed a policy regarding animals at school events. Pets are not allowed, however service animals are allowed so long as you have connected with Mr. Marrapese, our School Nurse, ahead of time. Here is a copy of the policy for your information: IMG_AnimalsInSchool_2018-01-29

Computer returns

Do you have an old laptop from K12 at home that is now collecting dust? We will take them back from you at the picnic, so bring it and its charger with you! If you have one and won’t be at the picnic, please email support@gcvs.org and Mr. Moody, our Technology Support Specialist, will be happy to furnish you with a shipping label.

If you are not planning to return to GCVS next year and have a GCVS Chromebook. Please bring it and the charger to the picnic tomorrow and that will save you the trouble of having to ship it back to us. If you are staying with us, just hang onto your Chromebook because you will need it for next school year!

Grades close on June 15th

This is a reminder that grades will be closing at the end of the day on June 15th, so these last two days are ones to make sure that all work is turned in. Be sure to check your Canvas calendar and touch base with your teachers if you have any questions.

Keep in touch with GCVS over the summer!

Now that this school year is about to end, plans are already in motion for the 2018-19 school year. There will be more details to come, especially about our opening days of school, so be sure to check your emails, Canvas messages, and this news page over the summer months to stay informed about next year. We’re very excited about the year ahead!

Happy Summer! Dr. Judith Houle, Executive Director