Free Tuition for Massachusetts Students

No tuition and no hidden costs for Massachusetts residents

Free Tuition For All Massachusetts K-12 Students

Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School District is tuition-free for all Massachusetts residents who are in grades K-12. GCVS is an online public school that any student can choose to attend. All you have to do is show proof of residency and you can enroll at no cost.

Aligned to Massachusetts state standards, the online curriculum includes all books, instructional resources, and, of course, teaching and learning in an online environment. In addition, Chromebooks are available for loan, so that every student in the state can take advantage of a high quality public education at home.

The only fees families may be responsible for are field trips (which we work to keep at a low cost. Sometimes, they are also free), and school supplies such as pens, pencils, notepads, and printer paper.


What is a Commonwealth Virtual School?

According the Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, a Commonwealth Virtual School (CMVS) is a public school operated by a board of trustees where teachers primarily teach from a remote location using the Internet or other computer-based methods and students are not required to be located at the physical premises of the school.

A virtual school is an autonomous, single-school district that operates independently of any existing school district. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education grants a certificate to the board of trustees of a virtual school. The school and its board then becomes a state entity, directly accountable to the Board and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

What do students get at GCVS?

Because GCVS is an online public school, students have access to similar resources as at a traditional, brick-and-mortar public school. There are no hidden costs or fees for curriculum or resources to learn from that curriculum.

  • A high quality public school education taught by expert teachers
  • The freedom to learn from any location, including home
  • Books, equipment, Chromebooks, and other resources
  • An individualized education

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