A High Quality K-12 Curriculum

High Quality Curriculum That Aligns to State Standards

Massachusetts has been ranked number one in education in reports and studies for years, and GCVS aligns our online curriculum to the state standards that have produced these results. Every aspect of our K-12 classes integrates critical thinking and learning with core skills in math, language arts, science, engineering, social studies, and the arts, helping students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their futures.

GCVS puts the best resources available at students’ fingertips, removing obstacles from learning. These resources – online texts and videos, books, projects, and more – are developed by educational experts in their fields and delivered by talented, compassionate teachers and staff. Online students explore and master the core subjects, and apply their knowledge to problem-solving scenarios and projects.

Why follow Massachusetts state standards for education?

Massachusetts state standards go beyond simply learning facts and figures. They address key elements of 21st century learning. The online educational programs in the Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School District take these principles and bring them online to students across the state.

In addition to the core areas, students learn skills in communication, problem solving and critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration.

Curriculum Partners

We carefully choose the sources of our curriculum, even going so far as to develop our own in-house when we have the expertise available.  These partners are the best-of-the-best and mirror the rigor and standards of a Massachusetts public school education.


The Florida Virtual School provides curriculum for many of our subjects, aligns to Massachusetts state standards, and is specifically designed for online education.



 Core Knowledge integrates skills and knowledge across the curriculum so students are actively engaged in learning language arts, communication, and collaboration while studying core subject areas.


 “Engage new york” offers a rigorous curriculum in both language arts and mathematics, giving students and teachers access to innovative learning opportunities.


Accelerate Education’s personalized rich curriculum and tools provide individualized learning and offers teachers flexibility to adjust lessons to both challenge and accommodate young minds in both language arts and mathematics.

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