GCVS - Your Partner in School at Home

You know what’s best for your student. And when it comes to school, it’s an education that takes place at home.

Greater Commonwealth Virtual School is here to support that.

GCVS, a state-approved online public school in Massachusetts, is the educational home for students from all across the state who learn with us where and when it works best for them. 

If you choose to educate your students in the home, they can benefit from the high quality education available that an online public school like GCVS offers, taught to students in the setting you prefer. GCVS’s school-at-home programs – both asynchronous and structured – deliver a high quality curriculum taught by expert teachers:

  • A Personalized Education Program that provides a “whenever and wherever” learning environment and students and parents have a great deal of control over how they learn
  • The Online Classroom-Based Program is ideal for students who need a little more structure to their school day and is teacher-directed and self-paced
  • The Blended Program combines teacher-directed and personalized programs together, enabling students to have flexibility and teacher-directed learning.

Students enroll in the Personalized Education program with the option to attend teacher-directed classes when they are able to. They also have access to the recordings from those live classes, giving them an additional resource.

Having experience as a teacher can help find new and better ways for students to learn and succeed, and having a deep knowledge of specific subjects gives students an opportunity to ask more and more questions, encouraging the learning process. The option of school-at-home can benefit from an online partner in education that can bring these advantages into the environment where you have seen your student succeed best.

No Cost to You

Homeschooling can incur significant costs that are initially hidden. Curricula, exams, and supplies can often cost thousands of dollars. Technology can increase that expense further. If students need extra help, a tutor can add to that financial outlay. And, as your student progresses, the cost recurs year after year.

With GCVS’s at-home online public school, those costs go away. GCVS’s costs are below:

  • Curriculum cost = $0
  • Books and classroom resources = $0
  • Teachers available for extra help = $0
  • Chromebook = $0

Parent and Student Support

GCVS provides complete support for both students and parents as they pursue school at home. Parents are the Learning Coaches in our programs – you work in conjunction with GCVS’s online teachers to help guide your student’s progress to modify the pace and schedule as necessary. No specialized knowledge is necessary, just a desire to help your student learn.

Meanwhile, expert, certified teachers deliver GCVS’s high-quality curriculum. Having an experienced teacher help find new and better ways for your student to learn and succeed gives students an opportunity to ask more and more questions and encourages the learning process. In addition, our teachers are subject matter experts as well, and they can use their knowledge to adjust lessons to meet each student’s needs, whether it means more time to understand an idea or new ways to challenge their skills and knowledge.

School-at-home with GCVS as your partner can benefit you and your student and help them succeed the way you want them to. Your student – and every other student – share the same opportunities and resources. Each student is loaned a computer and is given the same attention and learning tools as everyone else.

High-Quality Education

Students who take advantage of learning at home with GCVS have the advantage of a high-quality curriculum and certified teaching staff, all based on Massachusetts state standards. Teachers are able to adjust online lessons based on real-time results and feedback from students, resulting in students learning better in an online environment based on their needs that can give them better attention.

We supply you with all of the learning materials and technology your student will need to succeed in our online environment.


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