Congratulations to our Quarter 2 Honors and High Honors Students

We are pleased to announce our quarter 2 honors and high honors students in the middle school and high school. These students come from 12 of Massachusetts’ 14 counties – pretty impressive. Congratulations to 98 students who worked hard to achieve these milestones!

Middle School Honor Roll

Middle School students who earned a grade of B or better in every class during the second quarter are listed below.

Grade Six: Muhammad Archambault, Kaitlyn Beresford, Seth Canzano, Madysin Kaijala, Julia Kushner, Cody Legault, Courtney McCollum, Alexia Mouyenga, Owen Myre, Jeffrey Pimental, Tyler Pimental, Melissa Powell, Matthew Racine, Ariana Rodriguez, Angel Roman, Samuel Roman, and Jonathan Tillett. Grade Seven: Otieno Balala, Melody Biittig, Stephen Boggess, Jr., Ayden Brusa, Savanna Codarcuri, Nikolas Dellaportas, Kenneth Eberhardt, Paula Garcia, Nathaniel Gilmore, Ryan Hern-Gouw, Benjamin Iannuzzi, Kevin Klug, Emma Loris, Declan Mabee, Abigail MacKinnon, Samantha McCabe, Khauany Mello, Skylee Naylor, Jaiden Roberts, Taylor Chase, Sofia Vega, Daniel Walker, and Jaiden Wyner. Grade Eight: Olivia Allaby-Ladebauche, Dominick Balboni, Nathan Berrios, Charisma Campbell, Emily Clark, Gianna Finkley, Mackenzie Hern-Gouw, Dimitri Inman, Bradley McDermott, Nicholas Morasse, Inifiniti Pleasant, Brittany Ramos, Ariana Ruggles, Mariah Stuckey, Jackson Sullivan, Grace Ventura, and Lauren Witham.

High School Honor Roll

High school students who earned at least a 3.0 grade point average and no more than one grade of C are listed below.

Grade Nine: Jade Allen, Adrianna Flores, Thomas Lucchesi, Aden Mabee, Emery Maseda, Callie Millette,  and Brooke Naylor. Grade Ten: Joshua DeMars, Rachel Hall, Emilee Martineau, Joelyne Reyes, Nachama Sahler, and Evan Sweeney. Grade Eleven: Darian Degrenier, Madilynne Lannon, Abigail MacDonald, Natalie Mogelinski, Jayline Ruemmele, and Madison Ware. Grade Twelve: Alexis Angers, Ashley Atwood, Rudraneel Chaudhuri, Sabrina Crockton, Emily Glidden, Rosalinda Gonzalez, Victoria Klug, Kristyanna Mogelinski, Carissa Myre, Edward Ouimet, and Morgan Riley.

High School High Honors

High school students who earned at least a 3.3 grade point average and no more than one grade of B are listed below.

Grade Nine: Isabella Gonzales, Sebastian Inman, Katlyn Sawyer, and Alison Weber. Grade Ten: Matthew Brown, Chanze Filippi, Jada Marinez, Dylan Pare, Allison Powell, and Alexandra Recco. Grade Eleven: Caroline Gorman, Sara Halas, Maria Kryukova, and Christopher Saether. Grade Twelve: Sara Archambault, Faith Kollien, Garritt McCabe, William Moser, Andrew Penney, Sonia Wallace, and Emily Weber.


All GCVS parents/guardians/learning coaches should have received an email with a letter from me about the #GCVSKindnessChallenge. I hope everyone has had a chance to read it. In light  of recent tragedies in schools around the country, we felt it was important to recognize the wonderful community of learners we have here at GCVS and to put a special emphasis on kindness for the rest of the month of March. We are challenging all of our students to be kind to each other and to show kindness to others in their homes and local communities. Families are encouraged to post these acts to social media with the tag #GCVSKindnessChallenge. See the link below to read the letter, if you have not already read it.

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Have a great week as we get ready for yet another snowstorm! Dr. Judith Houle, Executive Director