Our upcoming Power Hours for grades K-5 are every Monday from 10-11am for parents and learning coaches alike. You’ll get tips and ideas and support to help your student achieve even more at GCVS.

January 7th- Providing Support for My Special Needs Student (Guest Speaker- Bob Kumin Director of Student Supports)

The process for getting help with students who struggle in school can be complicated.  We will break down the process and review IDEA, 504 and the IEP as well as discuss available resources and supports.

February 4th-Test taking Skills

We will discuss test-taking strategies for kids to smooth the transition between learning and recall, schoolwork and test day. Soon enough, your child will become a master of test taking.   

March 4th -Developing Good Behavior in your Child

In this session we will review how our children  can become a better version of themselves. We will discuss how we, as caregivers, can help them dig deep and find their own leadership skills and styles which will ultimately lead to a better behaved child.

April 1st -How To Help My Child Make Friends

We all know that learning how to form successful friendships is a critical skill for kids and one that they will be using and refining their whole lives.  In this session we will discuss ways that we can teach our kids to foster and promote healthy friendships.

May 6th – Motivation

We know that we can’t get our kids to care about the things that we find are important.  But what we can do is learn how to inspire and influence them in ways that will help to motivate them- more then they will realize.

June 3rd -Family Health and Wellness

We will share ideas, resources and stories about how to get  families off the couch, beactive and live a better, healthier life.