Learn From Anywhere, Anytime

GCVS Students Learn From Anywhere, Anytime

The Greenfield Comonwealth Virtual School District offers several online educational options for students in grades K-12. Our Elementary, Middle, and High School options follow a structure similar to a traditional school day, except all classes are online. The Flexible Learning Program for K-12 offers asynchronous lessons guided by teachers with no scheduled classes to attend.

Classroom-Based Live Lesson Programs (K-12)

Live lessons are conducted by teachers in a live classroom setting, encouraging classroom interaction. These classes take place at specified days and times, with a live audio and video feed from teachers directly to students, and vice versa.

K-12 Flexible Learning Programs

Some students benefit from a more flexible schedule, and these asynchronous lessons are followed when, and where it is best for the student. Like the live lesson option, the classes are taught by Massachusetts-licensed teachers, but materials such as videos, audio, and assignments are not tied to a time.

Online GCVS Schools

Our Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are all taught online, with real-time classes where students and teachers use video-conferencing technology to interact directly with each other while still learning from home (or wherever it suits them best)

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Learn Anytime at GCVS

The asynchronous learning offered through our flexible learning programs is especially for those K-12 students who succeed better when they have more control over where and when they learn.

Classes and assignments take place both online and offline, without specific times that students are required to attend. There are due dates for assignments, and students, teachers, and learning coaches work together to plan how to complete them by the due date.

Learn more about the K-12 Flexible Online Learning here.



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