The Online Classroom

At GCVS, we design the the online classroom to benefit the individual students. These benefits include our ability to provide personal instruction to meet specific needs and learning styles of students, flexibility in both scheduling and geography, opportunity for students who are not physically able to attend a brick-and-mortar school, and higher levels of motivation. In addition we ‘construct’ our classrooms on these additional virtual schooling benefits – expanding educational access, providing high quality learning opportunities, improving student outcomes and skills, and allowing educational choice.

We create a learning atmosphere through the utilization of modern technology that allows students to interact with their instructor and other students, citing benefits such as the ability to socialize and communicate their feelings about the course with others, discuss and get feedback on coursework, get to know the instructor better, and be more engaged. GCVS, in pioneering personalized education as a virtual school, is an entity which is approved and accredited by the state of Massachusetts to deliver K-12 courses through distance delivery using the Internet

How A Typical Classroom Works

Students enrolled at GCVS receive a high-quality, systematic, and personalized online education experience. In a ‘‘typical” day, a student works on a combination of core courses with some electives, and logs onto their computer from anywhere an internet connection is available. They attend virtual classroom sessions clicking through interactive lessons with text, audio or video clips, Flash animation, and links to related sites. These young learners can complete an online math quiz, email their  teacher, and communicate with classmates online or by phone. Students also complete assignments offline with provided materials, for example, reading assignments, drafting an essay, conducting an experiment with school-supplied materials, and studying for an exam.

A parent or Learning Coach provides guidance and supervision to monitor progress on a daily basis; all under the direction of a licensed teacher. GCVS also provides planned student activities and outings for the students. After the student has finished interacting with the curriculum, a student turns in assignments, and the teacher gives written feedback in the electronic course room or phones to discuss ways the student can improve performance. All this complimented by planned student activities and outings, GCVS ensures your child is getting a full and competitive education to ensure a successful future.

Importance of Good Communication in a Virtual School

One of the most important aspects of the online education program at GCVS is good, clear communication between students and teachers. In a traditional classroom, teachers are able to see students’ expressions and visibly see if a student is struggling or does not understand something. In online classes at GCVS, we feel it is particularly important to establish and foster open communication between students, parents, Learning Coaches, staff, and faculty, in an effort to keep everyone aware of the student’s personal progress.

At GCVS, we utilize a combination of  methods to maintain an open channel of communication at all times in the effort to keep you abreast of the current status of your child’s efforts, progress, or any potential problems that may develop. You and your child can communicate with their instructors and other personnel through email accounts, telephone phone calls, an internal messaging system, as well as posted written missives, to facilitate and ensure your child’s success.

Methods of communication:

  • Email
  • Internal messaging system through Canvas
  • Telephone
  • United States Postal Service

The Online Classroom: Canvas

Enrolled students and their families can access GCVS’s online virtual classrooms and communications at

The Canvas Learning Management System is the cutting edge umbrella software that enables GCVS to deliver a sophisticated, multi-faceted, and diverse learning experience right into your home. As long as you have an internet connection you can take courses. At GCVS we want to provide the best, shortest route to success so our technology can get out of the way of teaching and learning. No matter how many features an LMS has, if it isn’t easy for people to use, then it doesn’t matter. What really matters with a platform is ease of use. Users should feel comfortable in an LMS, no matter their background, and should receive a high level of benefits for minimal activity. As users see these rewards,  it motivates them to try more features. GCVS has adopted the Canvas system because it can facilitate high-level human interactions with built in media tools, and that is what we feel is at the core of our online classroom mission.