MCAS Math Tests May 23rd and May 24th

The season of MCAS testing continues and our tenth graders will take their math tests next week. All families have been notified of the tests and we ask that you please confirm your student’s attendance at the testing sessions by responding to your email/Canvas message, or calling the office at 413.475.3879. Participating in and passing 10th grade MCAS tests is a requirement for graduation, so this is an important activity for our sophomores. Testing is a bit like a marathon. It requires some stamina and mental focus. I hope you find this graphic I shared a few weeks ago prior to grades 3-8 MCAS testing helpful!

School Calendar for the 2018-19 School Year

The Board of Trustees approved a new school calendar for the 2018-19 school year on May 14th, which is posted below for your reference. Next year we are going to start a new tradition with a staggered opening of the school year focused on a Bigger, Brighter Beginning for all our students and Learning Coaches. Some families will come to school on August 28th for a face-to-face meeting with our staff at several locations in very close proximity to your homes. This is an official first day of school for those students, who will engage in some morning activities to get you familiar with your new classes in Canvas and some new learning tools, including a new live lesson platform. This will count as the first day of school’s attendance. Parents/Guardians and Learning Coaches will also have a separate session to get up-to-speed with new classes along with tips and tools to ensure success for your children. The afternoon will be spent getting to know one another in a picnic setting with games and activities for all families!

On August 29th, the rest of our families will meet with our staff for their first day of school with a similar format. Families who came on August 28th will not have school on August 29th, as our entire staff meets with the remainder of our student body and Parents/Guardians/Learning Coaches. Locations will be sprinkled in the remaining areas of the state that will be close to families’ homes.

Our goal with this staggered opening is to ensure that all of our families have a strong beginning to the year and get to meet and form friendships with new and returning classmates. Once these two days have concluded, the normal school schedule for all students will begin on August 30th.

The rest of the school calendar shows the dates that school is in session and when it is not because of holidays and vacation breaks. A list of MCAS testing dates for next year are also shown on the calendar so you can make plans to ensure that your children attend the testing sessions the state requires. We hope that this is helpful for your family plans next school year.

Information about our end-of-the-year picnic will be coming out soon. Stay tuned!

Here is a link to a pdf version of the calendar that you can download, print out, and post in a prominent place at home!

GCVS 2018-19 School Calendar APPROVED_2018-05-14

Regards, Dr. Judith Houle, Executive Director