MCAS Testing for Grades 3-8 ELA Almost Complete!

A big thank-you to all of our families for your efforts to get our students to the first round of testing for MCAS. We have had the highest attendance rate ever! Make-ups for those of you who were not able to get to testing this week are being scheduled for next week. Be on the lookout for Kmails confirming arrangements made by phone.
An even bigger thank-you goes to all of our staff who have arranged for testing to occur, coordinated the various sites, and administered the tests. This is a huge undertaking and they have done a fabulous job. We all love getting to see our students and interacting with them.
The next round of testing will be taking place during the first week in May. For grades 3-8, one day will be devoted to math testing. A second day will be devoted to the science tests for grades 5 and 8 only.
While state testing can cause some anxiety for everyone, we want to remind you that the purpose of this assessment is to help schools across the state learn how our students are doing in mastering the curriculum content outlined for us to teach; and how we can improve and help them to meet with success in school, in college, and beyond. The information we get from our results helps us to get better at what we do and individual student’s results can be helpful to Learning Coaches as you provide support to your children at home. We know that our strength lies in our partnership and we look forward to our continued work together.

Jimmy Fund Rally a Huge Success!

Thanks go to our staff and students for your support of the Jimmy Fund Rally. We surpassed our $300.00 goal of fundraising for this important work to help treat and find a cure for cancer. On Monday, several folks dressed in Red Sox gear for opening day and contributed to the cause.

Mr. Runyan and Dr. Houle modeling our Red Sox gear! He's much taller than me - I stood on a step to make it work!

Mr. Runyan and Dr. Houle modeling our Red Sox gear! He’s much taller than me – I stood on a step to make it work!

Read Aloud Week is Next Week!

MAVA high school volunteers, our MAVA “Reader Leaders,” will be reading aloud to our elementary school students during regularly scheduled classes on Monday and Tuesday, April 10th and 11th. The MAVA Reader Leaders are excited to share their love of reading and stories with our younger students, who are also very excited to have these special guests in their classrooms.
We hope this will inspire more reading aloud at home as a family. As you may know, reading aloud provides children with a model of confident and expert reading. Here are some helpful links to resources for reading aloud at home:

What Parents are Saying About MAVA

All of us at MAVA work tirelessly on behalf of all of our students. We received a Kmail from a Learning Coach today regarding how we are working with their family to provide make-up testing for a student in a special circumstance: “I just wanted to write and thank you, and the powers that be, for scheduling make-ups a little closer to home. This is an immense relief on the personal and professional level. Also, our student is relieved to not have to travel far and is familiar with the surroundings. Many heartfelt thanks for your attention, compassion, and time.”
We stand ready to help our students meet with success. Please always feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher, Family Engagement Coordinator, or any of us at MAVA if there is something we can do to assist.
If you have any questions or comments about this blog post, feel free to give me a call at 413.475.3879 or send me a Kmail. It looks like spring will be in the air next week! I hope you take advantage of the warmer weather to get outdoors and enjoy!
Regards, Dr. Judith Houle, Executive Director