Personalized Learning in a Supportive Environment

Personalized Learning at GCVS

As an online public schools, GCVS offers many benefits. The convenience of learning at home. A high quality curriculum that meets state standards. And, most importantly, an education that is shaped to what students need and want.

Students perform better when they receive individual attention, and GCVS provides individualized support that reflect each student’s unique strengths and challenges. Teachers work closely with Learning Coaches to empower their students to succeed.

Personalizing learning to students is an ongoing process of tracking student progress and adjusting lessons and online and offline work to meet their needs. We look at each student’s educational history and testing performance to set realistic goals they can proud of meeting. GCVS’s online teachers communicate with parents and students regularly to make sure that these goals and the plan to achieve them are understood and, most importantly, that students are making progress toward them.

Benefits of Personalized Learning

The benefits of online personalized learning start at GCVS, are present every day our school, and can last a lifetime. A few of the most tangible benefits include:

  • Emphasizes how a student’s strengths can be utilized to meet challenges
  • Close communication between home and school
  • Resources that align with student needs and interests
  • Challenging and achievable goals for learning

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