Tech Updates

We are continuing to work our way toward making our systems work more smoothly for everyone. I’ve heard from several people that you are feeling more confident as Canvas and Zoom users with every passing day! As with anything new, it takes time and we stand ready to assist you. Please note that our tech support department does not monitor social media or our “info” email box. If you are experiencing technical issues that seem to be Canvas-related, be sure to click the question mark sign on the lower left-hand green navigation bar, where you can find answers to many of your questions.

One issue that seems to have surfaced is when students are trying to get from Canvas to something a teacher has shared via Google Docs. This will not work unless the student logs into gmail first using their username and password. That is step 1, then logging into Canvas is step 2. If you follow those two steps, everything should work just fine.

If you are experiencing technical issues that are beyond Canvas, please be sure to send an email to This email generates a help desk ticket for our tech support and is the most efficient way to get your issues resolved. Thank you.

Bright Beginnings Sessions

Our Department of Student Services started hosting Bright Beginnings sessions with the first one taking place today in Worcester. There are three more scheduled: Friday, September 22nd in Springfield, Friday, September 29th in New Bedford, and Friday, October 6th in Lowell. See the link to the flyer for more information. Bright Beginnings Flyer 2017

There is still time to sign up for the remaining three sessions. Click on this link if you would like to sign up: survey:

School Council

We are looking for interested parents: one from elementary, one from middle school, and one from high school to be on our School Council! Please submit a letter of interest to me at Our goal is to get this up and running in early October. We are also looking for an interested high school student. If your student is interested, he or she can send me a letter to the same email address. Letters are due on Monday, September 18th.

Parent-Student Handbook Published in GCVS School-Wide Course in Canvas

We created a school-wide course in Canvas that all students at GCVS have been enrolled in. We will use this course as a holding place for important items for the entire student body. The course was published today, so your student should see it appear on his/her dashboard, GCVS School Wide – Powers. The first module in the course contains our Parent-Student Handbook. All parents/guardians and students must read this handbook and complete the form in the module acknowledging reading, understanding, and abiding by its provisions. Please do this by the end of next week, Friday, September 22nd. Thank you for your cooperation.

One thing you will notice with regard to our new attendance policy is the need to call the school in the event your child will be absent that day. When you call our main number, 413.475.3879, press 4 to leave a message with Robin Booth, our School Nurse, who will be receiving these calls. Thank you.

GCVS at King Richard’s Faire!

GCVS will be at King Richard’s Faire in Carver tomorrow, Saturday, September 16th! “Lady Guinevere Houle,” “King Arthur Kumin,” and “Lady in Waiting Powers” will be at a table just outside the main gate to spread the word of our special school! If you are in the area, we’d love to have you stop by!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Keep up the good work of getting into lessons and starting the year off on a strong note!