Asynchronous Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Online education technology that works on a flexible schedule

Education Technology That Integrates

GCVS offers a full suite of online courses for 6-12 education that are run asynchronously – meaning students complete work during the day on a schedule that works for them, with no real-time classes they are required to attend. In this flexible learning program, teachers customize rigorous standards-based instruction, blending lessons from experts with multimedia tools and resources. The primary technology GCVS uses for this flexible education is from Edgenuity, a platform and curriculum that allows us to deliver personalized learning that meets the needs of every student.

Edguenuity’s online learning curriculum and platform ensures that our students and our teachers have access to engaging resources that encourage students to succeed while meeting. This personalized learning system give us more flexible options for scaffolding student learning, adjusting the pace of education, remediation, and acceleration.

The platform provides teachers with real-time data that makes it possible for educators to truly personalize learning for every student. We blend the data we get from Edgenuity with the flexible technology to meet every student where they are in terms of learning, and it lets us take into account a student’s prior knowledge, strengths, and challenging areas. Edgenuity increases our teachers’ ability to customize lessons to match Massachusetts standards and our curriculum, and also tailor their instruction to meet our students’ needs.

Edgenuity combines real-world application with powerful interactive tools, alongside direct-instruction videos. This style of education helps our students stay engaged while learning, and gives even more options for coursework. The data our teachers have access to gives them an earlier alert about areas where students may be facing challenges, which lets our teachers intervene sooner, leading to more consistent student success.

Students and teachers use the Schoology learning management system to communicate, submit assignments, and modify lessons to individualize education. They also utilize breakout rooms for 1-on-1 instruction and for students to collaborate in smaller groups.

Google’s powerful suite of tools and apps encourages collaboration on projects and creation of new ideas. These Google apps have been enhanced for K-12 educational use with built-in, multi-layer security, as well as tools that teachers use to manage curriculum and assignments.


Zoom gives GCVS asynchronous students access to a secure web conferencing tool, letting them communicate with teachers and allowing teachers and students to communicate in real-time from anywhere they are, on any device. Zoom gives students the opportunity to participate in class from anywhere they are.

In addition, students participate in online clubs and virtual field trips, and can use Zoom to go back and review recorded live lessons.

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