Safe & Secure Technology

Providing online K-12 students with a safe learning environment

Student Safety and Security

Student safety online is at the top of our priorities, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We have integrated powerful security systems into our learning programs and Chromebooks to enhance student safety in every way they learn with us. Some of the systems in place are dedicated to content filtering, others are dedicated to protecting access to students and their information. The primary programs we use are Relay by Lightspeed Systems and Gaggle Safety Management.


Lightspeed Systems’ Relay content filters give us smarter content filtering. GCVS uses Relay to safely monitor search terms, website visits, and filter potentially dangerous or unwanted content. Relay’s filters can be used on any device, integrating directly with our learning management systems, making sure they can be used effectively and efficiently as the learning tools they are meant to be.

Gaggle Safety Management helps us protect our students from cyberbullying, self-harm, and other potentially harmful situations. Gaggle combines machine learning technology and professional hands-on experts to spot potentially harmful content in email, documents, shared files, images, and photos in G Suite and Schoology. Gaggle provides 24/7/365 protection, and their trained professionals alert school officials immediately if they identify an unsafe situation.


In addition, we have configured the Chromebooks we loan out to be locked to the GCVS Google domain. Each Chromebook requires a GCVS account to operate and cannot be forced to do so without one. Chromebooks are very resistant to virus and malware and use the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection. If any one layer is bypassed for any reason, others are still in effect.

We restrict access to Google search only, and limit searches to “Google Safe Search.” All content and communication filters are spot-checked by real people to see what is trending among students in general.

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