Real-Time Online Learning for Everyone

Tools for online, classroom-based learning

Seamless Online Learning at Home

At Greater Commonwealth Virtual School, our students and staff use technology that is designed to create learning opportunities. These systems integrate with each other and allow teachers to teach and students to learn intuitively. In our “live lesson” classroom-based programs, elementary, middle, and high school students take advantage of teleconferencing and collaboration tools that enable learning in real time. Students can talk to teachers, asking questions in front of the whole class or anonymously, creating a safe environment for every student to “raise their hand” in class. Likewise, teachers can see real-time progress and feedback, adjusting their teaching to best suit students and subjects.

Some of the online learning platforms we use at GCVS include:


Schoology is our online learning management system where students can access all of the digital tools and resources they need in one place. This includes a place to turn in assignments, collaborate, and get the supports they need.

Zoom provides our “live classroom” environment, a web conferencing tool that allows teachers and students to communicate in real-time from anywhere they are, on any device. Zoom gives students the opportunity to participate in class from anywhere they are.

In addition, students participate in online clubs and virtual field trips, and can use Zoom to go back and review the recorded live lessons.

Google’s powerful suite of tools and apps encourages collaboration on projects and creation of new ideas. These Google apps have been enhanced for K-12 educational use with built-in, multi-layer security, as well as tools that teachers use to manage curriculum and assignments.

Real-time Classes from Anywhere, to Anywhere

Our students benefit from the “live classroom” environment in more ways than one. The collaborative nature and real-time feedback are essential to interactive learning, but teachers can also “take the show on the road.” When students are learning about specific subject matter, our educators can hold their classes from locations around the state and even the world, connecting students directly to their lessons.

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