Asynchronous Learning

At GCVS, we offer a full suite of asynchronous online courses for 6–12 education. This program allows students to complete work during the day on a schedule that works for them—without being required to attend real-time classes.

Meets Every Student’s Needs

In this flexible learning program, teachers customize rigorous standards-based instruction, blending lessons from experts with multimedia tools and resources.

The primary technology GCVS uses for this flexible education is from Edgenuity, a platform and curriculum that lets us deliver personalized learning that meets the needs of every student.

How Does it Work?

With parent and guidance consent, students may opt to participate wholly asynchronously in some of our subjects. These students submit the same work, participate in the same projects, discussion boards, assessments, and coursework, and are held to the same deadlines as our other students.

Though students rarely meet live, teachers are actively aware of a student’s progress in class and provide frequent checks for understanding, personalized feedback, and focused individual or small-group meetings to support and further enhance a student’s learning. Additionally, frequent teacher-created mini-lessons engage students in the subject matter in interesting, relevant ways.

Students with grades below 70% will be supported in small groups or 1:1 sessions with their teacher via Zoom.