Middle School (6–8)

At GCVS, our classroom-based virtual middle school program is for sixth through eighth graders.

As in a traditional classroom, our teachers supplement online classroom lessons with literature and novels, videos, and hands-on projects so students learn the objectives. Unlike a traditional classroom, students can complete their work on a more flexible timetable.

A Message from Our Vice Principal

Welcome to GCVS Middle School!

I am pleased to be part of a learning community that strives to make learning engaging and meaningful for grades 6–8 students. I am honored and privileged to be the middle school vice principal and part of a team whose mission is to help every child feel welcomed, connected, and a part of our GCVS community.

Our faculty and staff spend hours planning and creating classroom activities to engage our students in learning. Our teachers utilize research-based best practices and analyze academic data to determine current skill levels and set growth and improvement goals. Every student can find success through this learning model.

Read more from Ms. Paine, middle school VP.

The Best of Both Worlds

As an online middle school, students are able to take advantage of the unique structure of the school and the opportunities it provides. GCVS’s online middle school students are provided with a traditional schedule. GCVS middle schools students benefit from real-time, scheduled classes where they interact with and learn from expert teachers and collaborate with their classmates.

Teachers can see and evaluate student progress in real-time, letting them adjust to each student’s strengths and needs and tailor lessons to supplement learning in challenging areas and push students further in subjects they excel in. This is a best-of-both-worlds online school that excels at combining “live” interaction online with a flexible online education.


Middle school students learn about the principles of design, including scale and unity, to create art that has an interesting composition and tells a story or expresses an idea. Students can demonstrate their knowledge through small activities and larger art projects, learning how to communicate creatively in the process.

English Language Arts

English Language Arts at the GCVS online middle school is all about discovery. Students explore their abilities to write through reading, listening, and analyzing fiction and nonfiction texts. They use various texts, including books about heroes, mysteries, and monsters and those with literary themes of curiosity and innovation. Students gain the tools to express themselves through writing, all while developing critical analysis skills.


From reinforcing and strengthening mathematics skills to a true understanding of higher-level concepts, our middle school mathematics program gives students the opportunity to apply number skills to real-world scenarios. Online students learn math through traditional teaching, applications, videos, games, and real-world scenarios while creating, investigating, and demonstrating knowledge.


In middle school music class, students explore and create music through various methods. Students sing, dance, and build instruments. They also learn to read and write music while playing games and learning about music history.

Physical Education, Health & Wellness

Online middle school students learn the benefits of participating in physical activities now and in the future. The fitness program reinforces positive behaviors while letting students manage their own progress and goals. Students engage in lifetime activities that improve overall fitness and learn to apply healthy and positive behaviors toward themselves and others.


Middle school science at GCVS is an in-depth exploration that will inspire scientific curiosity and build a foundation for further discovery. Starting with a broad look at energy, weather, living organisms, and Earth as a whole system, students dive deeper and deeper as they learn about organization and interaction between scientific phenomena and explore the properties that make up the universe around them.

Social Studies

Students learn about geography, economics, and the roles citizens play in their communities, as well as the story of the formation of the United States and the development of the known world from ancient history to modern times. Students learn about the contributions of different societies, from the familiar European cultures to Chinese, Mayan, and Indian contributions and more.


Technology class takes students on an exciting journey to learn about the information revolution and the incredible world of computers. Over the course of the class, students better understand how computers work, the role computers play in our lives, and the jargon of computer terminology. Students also learn practical skills, including word-processing documents, creating presentations, programming, problem-solving, and troubleshooting.