Why Choose Virtual?

As a public school of choice, our tuition-free program is the perfect solution for home-schooling families and students who, for various reasons, prefer to attend school at home. As every student is unique, so is the learning experience at Greater Commonwealth Virtual School.

A School for Everyone

GCVS is a school for everyone; we all work together to build a diverse community that is supportive and inclusive. We at GCVS are an engaged, energetic community of students, families, and highly qualified certified teachers that stretches across the state of Massachusetts.

An Alternative Way to Succeed

We supplement educational programs by working with traditional school districts to provide unique programs that address the needs of students who learn better in non-traditional educational environments. Under the Massachusetts School Choice program, we offer students an alternative way to succeed academically and to prepare for life beyond K–12 education.

Classroom-Based Programs

In our virtual classroom-based programs, students who benefit from structure take part in live lessons and a well-scheduled school day. These schedules are similar to those found at a traditional school, but they also offer the flexibility of an online classroom and the home environment.

Personalized Asynchronous Programs

In our personalized asynchronous programs, students can participate in lessons whenever and wherever they learn best. We’ve designed a program for those students who need a flexible school schedule to fit their busy lives and those who do their best work without a daily school structure.

Certified Teachers

To teach in Massachusetts, educators must obtain licensure from the state. As an authorized virtual school, all GCVS teachers meet or exceed the Massachusetts requirements.

Access to State Testing (MCAS)

Like all Massachusetts students, Greater Commonwealth Virtual School students are evaluated on state education standards by taking the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exam.

Our comprehensive curriculum prepares our students with relevant subject knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to help them succeed on the exam. Students take the test across the state, with the teachers they know and trust administering the assessment.

Perfectly Suited for the Modern World

Because of our unique strengths and flexibility, our program is ideally suited for the modern world. Our approach encourages critical thinking and an independent learning style that meets the fundamental needs of diverse learners by providing educational resources that cultivate curiosity, exploration, and inquiry.