Family Engagement Team

Family engagement is a top priority of GCVS, with a dedicated Family Engagement Team that seeks to work in partnership and support families based on their needs. GCVS’s Family Engagement Team includes a family engagement coordinator and seven liaisons who live in different geographic areas throughout the state, allowing them to focus on families and students who reside in the same region.

The Family Engagement Team is a fundamental part of GCVS. As a virtual public school, communication and relationship building are key to student success and creating a positive school culture. Our Family Engagement Team focuses on supporting our learning coaches in their role, supporting students with ways to have a successful experience in school, and connecting families to resources in their community.

We Work in Partnership & Provide Support

  • Attendance & Engagement
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Time Management & Organization
  • Motivation & Focus
  • Home Visits
  • School Event Information
  • School and Community Resources