Technology Resources

At GCVS, we utilize educational technology to make better connections between students and teachers, students and each other, and most importantly, students and the subjects they are learning.

We go out of our way to find and implement best-in-class software that enables meaningful learning experiences.

Our Goals

  • Connect our online community.
  • Build online classroom experiences where students can work and learn together.
  • Create a supportive environment with the right tools for our students.

Seamless Online Learning at Home

We apply user-friendly technology to seamlessly integrate an online education system into our students’ day-to-day education, connecting them with teachers, lessons, each other, and all of the educational resources they need.

Free Chromebook Loan for Every Student

We want to remove every obstacle to a high-quality education. Every student at GCVS can receive a free Chromebook to use for as long as they are a student at GCVS. It comes fully configured for classes, homework, projects, and more, and the GCVS technology team fully supports it. If any issues arise, GCVS will assist students and parents immediately.