High School (9–12)

It’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario for our online high school students. Students who are schooling at home have the flexibility to complete much of the work on their own schedule. They can spend more time diving deeper into subjects that interest them or practicing other skills that need more work without having to quickly move on to the next subject as they would in a traditional school.

A Message from Our Director of Student Success

Hello Families,

Welcome to GCVS High School! On this website, you will find information about courses, graduation requirements, special programs, and extracurriculars offered at the high school. Before you dive in, please know that I and our dedicated staff are always here to provide support and answer any questions about your teen’s journey at GCVS.

I look forward to working with you to ensure every student’s success in high school and beyond!

All the best,

Christine Ashton 

Christine Ashton, GCVS High School Director of Student Success

Unique Opportunities

As a virtual school, we offer unique opportunities, personalizing student education and helping students succeed in subject areas that traditional schools sometimes struggle to provide.

Students in our classroom-based high school program benefit from live, scheduled, two- or three-times-a-week classes in which they can learn directly from GCVS’s expert teachers in real time and collaborate with their classmates in a live environment.

Teachers can see and evaluate student progress in real time and adjust their lessons in and out of the classrooms to help students learn better. Teachers can help students focus more on areas that challenge a student to give them more confidence and support. Teachers can expand on each student’s strengths as well, letting them explore subjects more deeply.

Gifted & Talented Education

We offer several options for high-achieving students.

Honors Courses

We offer Honors courses at GCVS throughout the academic subject areas (English, math, science, and history). These courses provide students with an additional challenge beyond the core curriculum. Students in these courses engage at a deeper level and/or complete additional or more rigorous assignments. Students must receive the teacher’s recommendation to participate in any of our Honors courses.

Advanced Placement

GCVS offers several AP courses through our partnership with the College Board. Many colleges and universities offer credit for AP courses, depending on a student’s score on the final AP exam in May. See the course catalog for details on current AP offerings. Students must receive the teacher’s recommendation to participate in any of our AP courses.

Dual Enrollment

GCVS students may take college courses online in partnership with Greenfield Community College. Students can choose from a comprehensive menu of courses and can earn transferable credits while in high school. Students also have the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in addition to a high school diploma. Please learn more about dual enrollment at GCVS on our Dual Enrollment page. Please speak with your guidance counselor for more information on our dual enrollment program

English Language Arts

In the online English program, students develop language arts skills by reading, writing, listening, viewing, and speaking while learning to express themselves successfully. Students learn new vocabulary, refine the grammar and mechanics of their writing, and engage in thought-provoking projects. The program promotes analytical and critical thinking skills that help them discover how the human experience is the foundation of the best stories, plays, poems, films, and articles.

Students at GCVS also have the opportunity to take Honors and AP classes in language, literature, and composition.

Fine Arts

Online art classes encourage students to critique, compare, and appreciate works of art and architecture across the ages. Students analyze the mediums in which art is created while learning the appropriate terminology for discussing artwork from all corners of the world. We encourage students to create their own art to express themselves and their ideas.


History, government, and social studies classes at the high school level bring insight and ideas to students by examining the events and cultures that have shaped our world. From world and US history to economics and finance, students can delve into the stories that interest them and see where they lead.

GCVS high school students may also enroll in Honors classes and take AP US History.


From the basics of communication in another language to expanding listening, speaking, and reading skills, GCVS foreign language classes encourage student interest in other cultures and the world. Spanish and French language classes give students a fantastic foundation in the Romance languages that they can apply to further study of languages beyond these.


GCVS high school mathematics courses emphasize critical thinking and the importance of math in everyday life. Teachers take students well beyond memorization and into a more profound understanding of how mathematics can be applied. Our high school math classes prepare students for their mathematical futures, whether for day-to-day use, college prep, or a future where their careers depend heavily on higher mathematical concepts.

GCVS high school students also have the opportunity to take Honors mathematics and AP Calculus.


Our online music coursework takes students’ knowledge of music to the next level. They learn about the impact of music on culture and history while discussing composers and their work. This class puts music in a historical perspective while exploring how music is made and why.

Physical Education, Health & Wellness

The GCVS online physical education and health class gives high school students a strong foundation for understanding health and wellness. The coursework expands their knowledge of fitness and lifestyle choices and encourages them to develop healthy habits leading to a vibrant and robust life.


From explorations of biology and the human body to the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, and astronomy, students at GCVS invest their curiosity in discovery and the scientific method. These courses give students opportunities to dig deep into their own interests about the universe they live in.

High school students have many exciting and advanced study opportunities, including forensics, Honors classes, and AP Biology.