Elementary School (K–5)

Our live classroom-based virtual elementary school program is the best of both worlds. A GCVS education combines real-time interaction with the flexibility you need and expect from an online education.

A Message from Our Vice Principal

Welcome to GCVS at the elementary level, where we strive to make learning engaging and fun for students in grades K–5! I am extremely fortunate to serve as the elementary vice principal and have this opportunity to be part of a team of motivated and capable teachers, support staff, parents, and learning coaches who partner with us to provide innovative virtual courses and programs that support and educate our deserving student body.

Our faculty and staff work hard to provide your child the most comprehensive and enjoyable educational experience. Your child’s education is our top priority and is at the center of all our decisions. Our students must be connected to school through positive relationships with our professionals and peers.

We believe every student can learn with the proper set of opportunities and supports in a respectful environment that fosters engagement and learning.

Read more from Mr. Young, elementary school VP.

More Productive & More Valuable

Students attend online classes five times a week. They are actively involved with online lessons, workbooks, videos, projects, and hands-on activities that they can do on their own schedule. State-certified teachers who are passionate about what they teach assess real-time progress and adjust lessons according to the strengths and needs of each student.

As a result, teachers, parents, and students work together to tailor the out-of-class time to each student, making it more productive and more valuable.


When elementary school students study art online at GCVS, they learn more than how to create art. Virtual elementary school students learn to talk about and look at art while expressing themselves and explaining their creations.

Elementary school art classes boost students’ creativity and confidence and help them learn about themselves, their classmates, and the world around them in a fun and hands-on way.

Language Arts, Science & Social Studies

Starting with language arts, online elementary students learn reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. In learning these skills, GCVS’s curriculum builds on students’ knowledge and vocabulary in literature, history, geography, and science. This integrated curriculum ensures seamless transitions and constant reinforcements of related skills and knowledge across subject areas.


Math in our online elementary school provides an in-depth focus that integrates classroom reasoning with the practice of skills, all with a goal of mastery. We follow Massachusetts state standards and use the EngageNY curriculum to engage and educate our students. Sometimes our online students learn traditionally. Other times, they may watch videos or play games. Through it all, our teachers help students connect to the content they are learning so they can put their skills to use in the real world.


In the virtual music class, we explore and create music in many different ways. Students sing, dance, build instruments, and read and write music. Students also play games and learn about music history.

Physical Education & Health

GCVS’s elementary school students learn basic locomotor and non‐locomotor skills and concepts. Following national and state standards, we present spatial awareness and introduce students to fundamental physical changes resulting from physical activity. Students also learn to follow directions and interact positively with classmates, regardless of personal differences, in a physical setting.