Classroom-Based Programs

At Greater Commonwealth Virtual School, we bring a public school education into your home in real-time with GCVS Live. We offer elementary, middle, and high school classes in classroom-based programs. Students use teleconferencing and collaboration tools for a school experience that combines scheduled class time with lessons and work that are completed when and where it is best for the student.

The GCVS Live classroom-based programs combine the following into a best-of-both-worlds school:

  • Scheduled online classes that take place in real-time
  • Direct communication with teachers and students outside of scheduled class time
  • Online and offline school work that the student completes when and where it is best for them

Live Classroom-Based Lessons at Home

In the “live lesson,” students communicate with teachers and classmates, asking and answering questions (anonymously, if they choose) in a safe environment where every student is encouraged to “raise their hand” in class. Teachers use real-time progress and feedback tools to adjust their teaching to best suit students and subjects.

Before & After Real-Time Classes

Before and after the real-time classes, students work with various technologies, including Schoology (our learning management system), where students can message teachers and classmates, complete and turn in assignments, and work with online resources that expand on all the lessons at their own pace.

Real-Time Classes from Anywhere to Anywhere

The collaborative nature and the real-time feedback of the “live classroom” are essential to interactive learning. But the benefit doesn’t stop there. GCVS teachers can also “take the show on the road” and teach their classes from locations around the state and even the world. What a great way to connect students directly to their lessons!