Clubs, Organizations & Esports

Participation in clubs and activities helps students develop a sense of camaraderie and make friendships based on common interests. We encourage students to get involved and have fun while learning new skills.

Student Clubs & Organizations

GCVS high school offers several student clubs and organizations, including the following:

  • Anime Club
  • Art Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • *National Honor Society
  • Photography Club
  • Yearbook Club

All students are free to participate in any club of their choice.

*National Honor Society has minimum grade level and GPA requirements. We invite all eligible students to apply for annual membership in the GCVS chapter of the National Honor Society.

Unparalleled Flexible Education

In addition to clubs, GCVS High School also has two Esports teams. Our teams compete in League of Legends and Rocket League by partnering with PlayVS. Our Esports program gives students the team building and cooperative experience that students in traditional settings may find on the football field or basketball court. Esports is a great way for students to work together, develop communication and leadership skills, and form friendships during high school.

Esports Competitions

We live stream our Esports competitions on our school Esports YouTube channel. Shoutcasting opportunities are available for any interested student.

Students must be passing their courses to be eligible to play.