Curriculum Resources

Yes, we still use books at GCVS; additionally, we utilize curriculum resources that are specifically designed to take advantage of and enhance education in an online environment. Teachers develop lessons that incorporate these tools to deepen student understanding and engagement and change it up as needed based on student needs, sometimes in real time.

Online Learning Resources

Our online school resources are constantly expanding, but here are some of the tools we use:

IXL Learning

IXL’s online curriculum, learning games, formative assessments, and adaptive lessons monitor student progress and customize lessons that keep students motivated while they learn.

Learning A–Z

GCVS uses Learning A–Z’s resources to make teaching more effective. Its online tools inform and differentiate instruction for individual student needs.

Actively Learn

Actively Learn is an online literacy platform that helps teachers help students understand, retain, and enjoy what they’re reading in and out of school. Actively Learn’s content includes text, video, and more to help students read for greater depth.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a lesson platform that helps teachers increase student participation in GCVS classes with lessons they can customize, interactive whiteboards, and immediate feedback from students so no one is left behind. provides our teachers with resources and tools to create learning activities, guided lessons, and educational games that can meet the needs of each student to help them reach their potential.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

FLVS’s curriculum library provides complete online courses for middle and high school students—from world languages and college prep to the arts and AP classes.