Dual Enrollment Program

GCVS high school students can earn college credit while completing their high school requirements. And it’s entirely free!

High School & College Credit

In partnership with Greenfield Community College (GCC), as long as students meet the specific class requirements, they may take college-level classes and receive college credit while earning credit that will satisfy high school graduation requirements. These credits can be applied toward an associate’s degree at Greenfield Community College (while in high school or after graduation). They may also be eligible for transfer credit to another college or university.

Co-Curricular & Extracurricular Activities

Our partnership with GCC allows more than a fantastic way to save on college expenses after high school. GCVS dual-enrollment students may also fully participate in the college’s co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Dual Enrolment Process

Your school guidance counselor would love to help with the process. Here are the basics:

  • Students must attend an information session with school counselors and representatives from Greenfield Community College.
    • Information sessions typically take place in November and April.
  • After attending the information session, students schedule an appointment with their counselor to discuss if dual enrollment is a good fit and to start the application process.
  • Students attend a mandatory large-group application session.
    • At this session, students finalize and submit their dual enrollment application.
  • Students will be scheduled for a time to complete the Accuplacer placement testing.
    • This testing will happen virtually, and students will be assigned a specific day/time to complete the testing.
  • After completing the Accuplacer test, students will attend a large-group advising session with their GCC advisor.
  • Students will meet individually with their GCVS counselor to discuss potential dual enrollment courses.