Online Dual Enrollment Program

A zero-cost headstart to college education for motivated students

Earn College Credit While Completing High School, 100% Online

GCVS has partnered with Greenfield Community College to create a unique online dual enrollment program that is entirely tuition- and fee-free for GCVS students. This online program gives motivated GCVS high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while completing their high school MassCore requirements.

GCVS students may take classes at no cost to them at Greenfield Community College as long as they meet the specific class requirements—which may mean passing a placement test, prior completion of specific college-level courses, or performance on AP exams.

What is the GCVS Dual Enrollment Program?

GCVS Dual Enrollment students who complete college-level course receive college credit AND credit that can be used to satisfy high school graduation requirements. These credits can be applied toward an Associate’s Degree at Greenfield Community College (while in high school or after graduation). They may also be eligible as transfer credit to another college or university.

Dual enrollment students follow the same grading policies that all Greenfield Community College students follow, and GCC gives our GCVS dual enrollment students access to student support students. In addition, GCVS dual enrollment students can participate fully in the college’s co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Dual Enrollment Benefits

Some of the benefits of the GCVS Dual Enrollment Program include:

  • Saving money on higher education – by earning college credit as part of a high school education at GCVS, students complete college course requirements without having to pay any tuition or fees at
  • Getting ahead – earning dual enrollment credit gives students a headstart on completing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.
  • Finish required courses early – by completing required courses (that also count toward a high school diploma) in high school, students can focus on classes that are part of their area of study sooner
  • Less time to complete a college degree – taking college classes while in high school will reduce the amount of credits you need for your degree when you become a full-time college student. That means you can graduate, take fewer credits each semester or transfer earlier. With the right planning, you could even earn your associate’s degree while still in high school!

Dual Enrollment Eligibility

To be eligible for the dual enrollment program with GCVS and GCC, students must:

  • be enrolled in high school at GCVS
  • be a Massachusetts resident
  • not already have earned a high school diplioma, GED, or HiSET
  • meet all GCC course prerequisites
  • show ability to succeed based on college placement test scores and/or high school guidance recommendation

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