Special Education Resources

As an online school, GCVS is committed to providing students equal access to all its educational programs through exceptional teaching and technology. The programs and services we have in place fully support Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 plans and provide our students with appropriate accommodation. In addition, our teachers use software and hardware to help students reach their individual learning goals.

We tailor accessibility to each student based on their needs and abilities, connecting them directly with assistive technologies and supports.

Learning Resources for Students

GCVS online students can access everything a traditional school can offer and more. Students and families can request hardware assistance, including audio amplification systems and large-screen laptops preset for larger fonts (which can be adjusted at home) to accommodate disabilities better. We can also provide noise-canceling headphones to help reduce distractions.

Teaching with Online Special Education Resources

Our online platforms are integrated with specialized learning tools, including line reader tools, text-to-speech, accommodations for response, highlighting tools, alternative backgrounds and font color, magnifiers, answer masking, and more.

Speech to Text / Text to Speech

GCVS students and teachers use Read Aloud’s assistive technology, including innovative speech-to-text and text-to-speech tools, to enhance reading, writing, and language learning.

Write, Type, or Speak Math

We accommodate mathematics learning with EquatIO’s tools that integrate with Schoology and Google’s suite of tools, allowing students to write, type, or even speak mathematical expressions. EquatIO also supports online collaboration, letting students work directly with teachers.

An Essential Engagement Tool

Engaging learning games for all connects students to content in playful and relevant ways. Encouraging self-paced learning and remediation lets both the student and the teacher be part of the learning process.

Adaptive Differentiation & Student Motivation

Teachers work with IXL to create adaptive lessons and use diagnostic testing and progress monitoring to make sure we meet our students’ needs. In addition, built-in contests, games, and award badges for their personal successes help motivate students.

Learning Management

Teachers use the Schoology learning management system to modify classes and lessons to meet IEP and 504 accommodations, including extending time, modifying assignments and assessments, and increasing and changing the visual resources included in each lesson.