Student Life & Community

Forging community connections to help students grow

Connecting In and Out of the Classroom 

GCVS recognizes the benefits of students connecting with each other in real life. This helps them form deeper friendships, engage more fully academically, and have a fuller context of each other when engaging online. Our school provides opportunities for students to get together, both in academic and social settings.

In addition, our students and families take advantage of outside opportunities, including local clubs, organizations, and sports teams, to provide much-needed social engagement for students.

The Importance of Family Engagement

Family involvement is critical to student success at GCVS, and we place a strong emphasis on communication and collaboration between students, Learning Coaches, Family Engagement Coordinators, and teachers. By forging strong connections and open lines of communication, we build a better school community and a support network for each student that they can rely on. In the process, we also create more opportunities for our students to succeed.

Clubs & Meet-ups

School is about academics, of course, but it’s also about community. Community is built into the GCVS experience, with meet-ups that range from visits to museums, to hiking and skating trips, to educational programs at local historical and cultural sites.

Parents and families are always welcome to attend any class meet-ups. Field trips are both fun and educational, often counting toward academic credits.

Clubs are proposed by students, and once approved, run by students with a faculty advisor.

Annual Events

  • Back-to-school picnics
  • End-of-year picnics
  • Graduation ceremony

Regular Meet-ups

  • Zoo trips
  • Science museum trips
  • Skating trips
  • Trips to local historical and cultural sites
  • Student clubs
  • Talent shows

2021-2022 Events

Postponed due to COVID-19


Graduation ceremonies are a rite of passage and play an important role for students, families, and communities. It’s a way to recognize the hard work that has gone into the student’s success and achievements. It’s also a way for the community to come together, celebrating individual students, as well as the collective joy of youth moving forward. A community invests a great deal in educating children, so this time to recognize and celebrate is important for all.

GCVS holds a formal graduation ceremony every year in June. Families are invited to join us during the ceremony. As with traditional schools, it’s a way for students to say “goodbye” to teachers and friends they’ve made at school. Though many will continue to stay in touch, it signals the beginning of the next stage in their life journey.