Student Support

Meeting the needs of every student

Student Support

Like a brick and mortar school, the Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School provides a full scope of support to students and families throughout their educational careers. Unlike traditional schools, GCVS has resources in place to go above and beyond, forming personal connections with students as they progress through each grade.

Learning coaches, students, family engagement coordinators, counselors, and teachers all work together to create a support framework that can meet the needs of every students. These supports include family engagement, school and guidance counselors, Special Education, ELL, and a school-wide Title I Program that provides a Reading and Math specialist at grades K-5 for students who are struggling in these areas.

The Learning Coach

The“Learning Coach” is a parent (or other responsible adult) who works in conjunction with the online classroom teachers to help facilitate their student’s progress through daily lessons, and works to modify the pace and schedule as necessary. No specialized knowledge is necessary, just a desire to help students learn.

As a learning coach, you can expect to be highly engaged with your child’s program – often establishing a new relationship as co-learners, explorers, and intellectual partners. It is a rewarding role, and may bring a new closeness to your family, built on bonds of shared curiosity and a mutual passion for learning.

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Family Engagement Coordinators

Family engagement coordinators at GCVS serve are the first point of contact for non-academic concerns. They are the available guides for parents and their children as they become familiar with all aspects of the varied programs offered at GCVS.

Coordinators assist parents in becoming more involved with their children’s education and promote a sense of community. They set up a framework of services such as academic and social developmental support programs, parental support programs, student health and wellness support programs, and student evaluation programs.

Guidance and School Counseling

GCVS guidance counselors help our students navigate school and plan for the future, including everything from testing to college and careers.

Guidance counselors are certified and trained to provide resources and assistance students need while in school (tutoring and extra help options, social and emotional counseling) and after they complete high school, including career exploration, vocational training, and choosing the right college or university.


Special Education

The goal of the GCVS special education team is to work with families to provide the supports students need to access the curriculum and develop the “whole child.”

Some of the support services we provide include: Small group specialized instruction, academic support, IEP and 504 development, a life skills program at the middle and high school levels, online speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling.

English Language Learning (ELL)

GCVS’s online English Language Learner (ELL) Program provides services to students to help them acquire proficiency in English in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and written language.

As students attain English proficiency, ELL students will transition out of the program, allowing them to successfully complete academics in the same grade as their peers in the mainstream classrooms without needing ELL support.

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