The GCVS Accountability Plan

GCVS Accountability Plan


GCVS has an accountability plan, developed with its partners at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education We serve many students whose needs were not met in a more traditional setting. Our accountability plan lays out the measures of success that are in line with our mission statement and which address the needs of many of our students.  Here are the goals of our accountability plan: 

  • We will measure student growth toward grade-level mastery by using the Star 360 Math and Reading tests four times a year. Students who are at risk of not meeting end-of-year benchmarks will have access to additional resources. 

  • Our English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities will meet their annual goals.  

  • Teachers will build accessible lessons using UDL parameters as well as student feedback, so that lessons are personalized. Parents and students will report that they are satisfied with the personalized learning.  

  • Teachers are leaders in the world of on-line learning.  

Our Mission and Vision

The Greater Commonwealth Virtual School, a public school of choice, serves students from across Massachusetts who need a learning community that is accessible and flexible. We give our students and their families choices in what, how, when, and where they learn.